About us

We take care of the whole complex of issues connected with the storage and tracking of cargos. We provide customs services, provide insurance and cargo security as well as control of its quality on the way (survey services).

Company Baltimpex

Baltimpex is specializing in providing complex logistics solutions, ensuring the delivery of goods by any means of transport along the optimal route and with minimal costs.

Our company is not just a words in addition to transport tasks. We take on the entire complex of issues related to the storage and tracking of cargos. Baltimpex has its own rolling stock which includes 85 modern road trains with container platforms and a fleet of 770 tank containers for the carriage of bulk cargo.  We are transporting about 900 000 tons of various cargoes every month including 500 000 tons of refrigerated cargo, 10 000 tons of bulk and 3,000 containers.  The central office of Baltimpex is location in St. Petersburg. We have affiliates in Novorossiysk and Yekaterinburg as well as a network of representative offices in major cities and ports of the world.