Air transportation from Baltimpex is speed and safety.

The company Baltimpex is cary out air transportation of cargoes throughout Russia. This type of delivery of cargos is considered one of the most reliable, safe and fast. From Vladivostok transportation is take place in 24 hours. The cost of air freight cannot be called low but we try to choose the best routes given the price and quality.

In addition to working on domestic routes, we provide services for the organization of air transportation of cargos in international destinations with customs clearance in St. Petersburg and Vladivostok.  Baltimpex is take care of the quality of customer service: communication with dispatchers is supported around the clock 7 days a week, information about the location of the cargo is available in real time. We make every effort to ensure that customers of Baltimpex receive high-quality air cargo services at favorable prices.

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To be a Leader in the market of customs and transport logistics in Russia, providing customers with qualitative services for organizing customs clearance and transportation of any goods to anywhere in the world.

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