Armenia suspended import of pork and poultry from a number of regions of Russia

The State Food Safety Service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Armenia temporarily suspended import of pork from a number of regions of Russia to prevent the entry of African swine fever and “bird flu” into the country.

Since August 28, the import of live pigs and pork, as well as intestinal raw materials, bristles, hunting trophies and all kinds of feeds and food additives for pigs, except for those containing synthetic and chemical substances, has been suspended from some regions of Russia.

Also importation of all kinds of live poultry, products from poultry, raw materials, meat and bone flour, feed (other than synthetic and chemical substances), feathers, down, eggs is prohibited.

The decision was made in connection with the appearance of information that cases of African swine fever and “bird flu” have been registered in Russia.

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