China moves to TIR

The name Transports International Routiers (TIR) ​​translates as International Road Transport (TIR). This is a kind of passport shipping, which contains basic information about the supplier and the transported goods: the place of departure of the goods, country, customs, place of delivery of goods, the sequence of customs clearance, a complete description of the cargo, the number of packages, customs marks, numbers of seals and a list of transport documents. The TIR Carnet regulates international road haulage, indicating that the carriage itself is carried out within the framework of the TIR convention, and also insures the risks associated with international carriage. On the border in the new customs zone, customs officers tear out a white sheet from the book. In the TIR carnet on the spine from the torn sheet put a stamp (the opening of the TIR). When going outside the customs zone, a similar procedure, including a stamp on the spine, occurs with a green sheet from the TIR carnet (TIR closure).
China joined the TIR procedure back in 2016, officially commencing carriage using this methodology in 2018, starting from 6 customs points, and increasing their number by March 2019 to 12. From June 25, all Chinese customs, including domestic , started working on the TIR system.
The introduction of TIR in China simplifies freight transportation for Russian transport companies, and also accelerates the process of freight transportation itself. Domestic carriers now have the opportunity to accelerate the delivery of goods, independently bringing them deep into China, which was previously possible only for Chinese carriers. It will also be easier to search for the most convenient customs warehouses, which makes logistics easier and makes it possible to preserve the quality of the cargo.
Experts suggest that by the end of this year, cargo traffic between Russia and China will be doubled.

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