China will plane to build an airport in Antarctica

The Renmin Jibao edition informed that the first Chinese airport on the icy continent will be operate on a permanent basis.
The new airport will designe to meet the strategic needs of the Middle Kingdom at the South Pole to assist in research. And to ensure that China will have the right to vote in the management of airspace in the Antarctic. To accomplish these tasks a members of the 35th Chinese Antarctic Expedition on the Xueloong icebreaker will travel to the South Pole on November 2. The airport will be located near the Zhongshan Research Station. Experts are according the complexity of building a permanent airport is not inferior to the creation of a research station. For the deployment of the first phase of construction the polar will plane Xueing 601 of China has already arrived at the Zhongshan station.
For the fourth time, Xueen-601 is taking part in an Antarctic expedition and each time the plane is parked at the Russian airport.

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