Container shipments

Sea container transportation: reliably and profitably

A great part of the freight traffic on the world’s sea routes still accounts for the container transport of cargos. This a method isn’t although the fastest but safe.

However, the advantages of this option for the delivery of goods do not end there: the cost of container transportation by sea, despite the technological breakthrough, remains very attractive.  Choosing the transportation of goods in this way, the customer could count on an economically profitable transaction and be sure of the safety of the cargos.

Convenience of container cargo transportation

Among all possible options, the leading positions remain for international container shipments for non-food cargoes with a stipulated delivery time.  

There are a lot of advantages here, but there is a limit to the capacity that cannot be ignored.  It is about the capacity of the port, which must be taken into account when planning the container transportation of goods.

Container transportation:low price = high quality

Despite the economic situation and the growing market, we still surprise our customers with the perfect combination of low cost and high quality.  

To keep the level of prices unavailable to competitors, the company is using terminals and competent management because it have own container park.

The cost of logistics services

Baltimpex is a supporter of an integrated approach to the provision of logistics services. So the cost of parallel services is taken into account when calculating the cost of container transportation: the formulation of customs documentation; establishing contacts with foreign suppliers; insurance of goods in the international CO of TTClub; forwarding, warehousing and security; ferry; cargo quality control by independent surveyors.

In addition, the prices for services are significantly reduced due to a minimum involvement of contractors engaged in the organization of different types of container transportation.

In which case you are choosing transportation by sea?

Container transportation of goods by sea is more logical to choose when it comes to industrial goods: electronics, furniture, equipment, construction materials and more.  

Strong container walls reliably protect the goods from mechanical damage, draft and temperature changes.  Sealing excludes unauthorized access to cargo during the journey.

Why should international container shipping be entrusted to Baltimpex?  

In our company you will find five answers to this question: individual contract management;  quick order processing: the calculation of rates takes four days, the passage of ports – two days;  the ability to track sea container shipping online; compliance with international quality management standards ISO 9001;  deferred payments for 90 days.

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