EAEU Board Issues Recommendations on the Introduction of Paperless Technologies for Rail Freight

On November 29, the Recommendation of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission dated November 26, 2019 No. 38 “On agreed approaches for the introduction of paperless technologies in organizing and processing freight traffic in international traffic and eliminating shortcomings in the organization of train traffic” came into force.

EAEU members are recommended to ensure the implementation of paperless technologies in the organization and execution of international cargo transportation.

Among these measures are called:

  • ensuring the recognition of electronic digital signatures and electronic documents received from neighboring countries by relevant state bodies, railway administrations;
  • providing information and analytical support for the organization of international transportation, as well as the availability of information about the companies involved in the transportation process and their specialization (carrier, operator of a wagon or container fleet, freight forwarder);

• Improving the organization of train traffic, including transportation technology, information technology and information protection systems, as well as the process of developing a train schedule.

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