Exports of sawn timber

Russia has a large supply of wood resource so in the market it manages to maintain its leading position in the export of sawn timber.  However, this process cannot be approached without serious knowledge and experience so it is better to entrust the design of sawn exports to professionals.

Export of sawn timber from Russia with Baltimpex

Baltimpex will fulfill the export supply of timber in a short time on modern vehicles and along a profitable route. Our experts will help not only with the documents for the export of sawn timber but also ensure their safety: thoughtful laying and fixing will not let the cargo fall. And special processing and film protect valuable breeds from fungus and pests.  Well-established logistics are guarantee timely delivery around the world and insurance and escorts exclude occasions for unrest.

Cooperation with Baltimpex guarantees a great result

Baltimpex is deliver sawn timber (timber, plywood, etc.), as well as lignosulfonates.  Among our clients are large enterprises (Vyborg Forestry Corporation, NGO Roskhimneft) and the company (Mayr-MelnhofHolz). 

We develop optimal routes; ensure the supply of containers of any volume and their delivery.  Also our customers can use:

  • Customs broker services;  
  • ELS for payment of railway tariffs;  
  • Forwarding;  
  • Delivery to the door.  

Baltimpex delivers the products in one container.  This will reduce the time of transportation and ensures maximum protection of the goods.  

Paper exports

The share of paper is in total timber production exceeds 70% and the pulp market increases its performance every year.  However, from the participants in foreign economic activity, the supply of this product abroad requires a lot of effort and control.  The best solution will be to appeal to professionals who will help to correctly arrange the export of paper from Russia.

Execution of paper export

Specialists of Baltimpex are could help with the preparation of all necessary documents for the export of paper. We will deliver your products in one container without overload, which will significantly reduce costs.If the export volumes of kraft paper, cardboard and other products of the pulp and paper industry are small then we will choose the most favorable transportation option for you.

Each loading is controlled by our employees and the services of a customs broker, insurance and escort of cargo will save you from unnecessary worries.  Baltimpex specialists are ready to resolve all issues related to the export of paper in the shortest time.

Geography of deliveries from Baltimpex

We organize the transportation of paper, paperboard and pulp abroad by land, water and air. We are working with:

  • Syas Pulp and Paper Mill
  • NGO Roskhimneft
  • International Paper and many others.  

Baltimpex offers its customers favorable conditions, high-quality service and constant support.  Check it out for yourself!

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