Eurasian economic Commission gathers enterprises in cooperative chains

“The EEC is actively working with the industrial brands of the Union on the formation of new cooperation chains and the development of import substitution. We will assist producers with the EAEU, which are interested in establishing long-term mutually beneficial relations”, – said the member of the Board for industry and agribusiness of the Eurasian economic Commission Alexander Subbotin in the framework of the working visit to the BELAZ plant in the Minsk region.

BELAZ is interested in supplying engines that run on gas fuel. This need is largely covered by imports. Because of this, the use of engines of the Yaroslavl motor plant, which are currently successfully tested, will contribute to the development of cooperation and import substitution in the EAEU.

Another important area of future cooperation in the EAEU will be the supply of powerful diesel engines of the Ural diesel engine plant to the BELAZ plant. The first engine of the new line has already been installed on THE BelAZ dump truck for testing and pilot operation.

The plans include a large – scale program to expand the range of industrial diesel engines, conduct all stages of validation tests and operation in mining enterprises.

“New engines have no analogues in the countries of the Union. They will solve the problem of import substitution in the field of diesel for a number of industries, including shipbuilding, rail transport, mining and quarry equipment, Autonomous power industry”, – said Alexander Subbotin on the results of the visit.

Also, in order to implement the tasks for development of industrial automobile Assembly enterprises engaged in manufacturing in the “industrial Assembly” the Minister visited the company SZAO “BELGEE”, got acquainted with the work of the factory and inspected finished products.

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