Grodekovo railway checkpoint prepares to expand services

The new warehouse complex will be able to handle both freight cars and trucks. The Far Eastern Railway announced the launch of a new warehouse complex in Grodekovo with an area of ​​over 7 thousand square meters. m. The facility is designed for transshipment of foreign trade cargo from Russia to China and vice versa, writes RZD-Partner.

1520/1435 mm combined gauge tracks were laid inside the warehouse, they allow you to take up to 10 cars per day from the Russian side and up to 13 cars from the PRC. In addition, the warehouse complex is able to accept up to 50 trucks arriving from China to undergo customs inspection and clearance.

In 2019, the Grodekovo-Suifenhe railway border crossing handled about 10.4 million tons of cargo, traffic increased by 9% compared to the previous period. The growth was mainly ensured by the supply of ore, machinery and equipment, coal, as well as transit container transportation organized along the Primorie-1 international transport corridor.

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