Growth in the air cargo market slowed down in early autumn

Reports TASS with reference to the report of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) informed that the growth rate of the global air cargo market measured in actual ton-kilometers slowed down in September to 2% from the same period a year earlier.
The average growth in the first half of this year was 4.7%, over the past five years – 5.1%.
As the head of the Association is Alexander de Yuniak noted the slowdown in growth is due to a reduction in the number of orders and an increase in the deadlines for their execution, which imply a reduction in demand for fast delivery by air transport. At the same time, he pointed to the continuing high growth rates of the e-commerce market.
The growth rate of capacity (AFTK) was 3.2% in September. Thus, the proposal has outpaced demand for seven months in a row.
In the regional context all markets except the African one showed a positive trend. The largest regional APR market has slowed by 1.2%. European and North American carriers increased their volumes by 1.5% yoy. At the same time, capacity growth in Europe was only 0.9%, while in North America it was 4.9%. The largest increase in supply and demand was recorded in the Middle East. Airlines of this region increased their volumes by 6.6%, and capacity by 7.7%.

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