Russia imports many different goods worth $ 300 billion a year. These are cars, computers, phones, various equipment and building materials. The latter are not included in the top 10 most imported goods, but the demand for them increases every year. The main importing country of building materials to Russia is China. Germany and Belarus are also leaders.

The Baltimpex company is engaged in transportation of building materials to Russia from all countries of the world, and also specializes in the organization of turnkey delivery and the help at any of transportation stages. This means that all the work on the organization of intra-port forwarding and documentary support is undertaken by our specialists.

“Baltimpex” delivers both General and consolidated consignments of 100 kg. Our logistics delivery schemes include sea transport, road and air delivery, as well as a combination of several modes of transport.

That provides a “Baltimpex”?

Transportation of such types as building materials :

  • cement mixtures, primers, fillings;
  • varnishes, paints, enamels, drying oils, glues, sealants, impregnation;
  • doors, Windows, accessories;
  • removable and non-removable formwork;
  • porcelain tile, brick, artificial stone;
  • laminate, parquet Board, ceramic tiles, wooden beams and boards;
  • roofing materials, sandwich panels;
  • thermal insulation materials ;
  • ventilation and plumbing components;
  • drywall, reinforcing materials.

Over the years the company “Baltimpex” has established itself as a responsible partner and has extensive experience in the delivery of building materials in Russia. We are familiar with all the features of such transportation, and our employees have practical skills to solve any unforeseen situations.

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