Storage conditions and speed of delivery are the decisive factors in the import of fruits and vegetables.  This is a perishable cargo, which means that its transportation should take a minimum of time and provide for a certain temperature regime.

The main rules in the organization of imports of fruits and vegetables

Requirements are few but they are extremely important for the successful delivery of cargos from point A to point B. For this, it is necessary to correctly fill out shipping documents, correct labeling and filled stickers as well as route container and time of transportation.

Baltimpex will take care of all the import of fruits and vegetables to Russia or abroad.  Despite the world political situation our experts will select the most suitable delivery scheme and will trace the terms of transportation and the state of the cargos.  Are you interested in importing vegetables from South America but are concerned about the safety of the products? Baltimpex has modern refrigerated containers, road and rail transport as well as trolleys (ro-ro) are all this will save the cargo at its best.

Baltimpex is represented in large cities and transport and logistics centers of the Russian Federation: from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.  Employees of Baltimpex are ready to offer the best options for importing vegetables from Asia, North African countries and near abroad.

What does Baltimpex provide?  

We provide comprehensive services for the import of vegetables and fruits to Russia:

  • Air transportation;  
  • Sea freight and terminal evaluation when delivered to CIF;  
  • Customs clearance and payments;  
  • Return of preferences;  
  • Phytosanitary control;  
  • Forwarding and surveyor services;  
  • Insurance;  
  • Storage and re-packaging, 3PL;  
  • Marking / re-labeling / reinforcement;  
  • Transportation throughout the Russian Federation.  

With Baltimpex, you can be sure that it will take no more than 24 hours to process the goods, and the goods will arrive on time in the condition in which they were sent!

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