In 2019, imports helped exceed the budget target of the FCS

Customs payments from exports transferred to the federal budget decreased by 24% in 2019, the TASS news agency reported with reference to the head of the FCS of Russia Vladimir Bulavin.

“The amount of payments from exports decreased by 24% and amounted to 40% of the total volume of payments,” Mr. Bulavin announced the statistics, speaking at a government hour in the Federation Council.

This is due to a reduction in the price and volume of hydrocarbon exports, as well as the implementation of the tax maneuver, explained the head of the FCS of Russia.

In total, last year, the FCS replenished the budget by 5.729 trillion rubles, overfulfilling the control task by 1.5%. Compared to 2018, the volume of deductions increased by 90 billion rubles. At the same time, customs payments for imports amounted to 3.345 trillion rubles, and for export – 2.291 trillion rubles.

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