Lithuanian road carriers will leave the country and relocate in Poland

Part of the Lithuanian road carriers are increasingly looking to Poland. It is caused by various reasons: for some entrepreneurs this is a logical development of business, while for others it is a way to avoid potential threats.

A group of Lithuanian carriers recently visited Poland, where they collected information about the possibility of transferring the transport business to this country. Representatives of the transport business do not hide the fact that these plans were prompted by plans being prepared in Lithuania to raise the monthly salary ratio of long-distance drivers from 1.3 times the minimum monthly salary to two.

Looking at Poland is also being forced by the alleged uncertainty about the EU Mobility Package, one of the provisions of which suggests that trucks must return to the country of registration once a month.

Vytautas Turekas, the head of the company Savesta Consulting, which provides consulting services for the establishment of companies, calculated that in 2019, compared to that year, the number of trucks registered in Poland should increase at least three times.

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