Rosselkhoznadzor threatens to restrict the import of Belarusian milk and meat

The Rosselkhoznadzor has introduced enhanced laboratory control of dairy products imported from 18 Belarusian enterprises.

The ministry stressed that livestock production continues to come from the territory of Belarus in violation of the veterinary and sanitary requirements and norms of the EAEU.

The report of the department, in particular, indicates an increased content of bacteria of the colibacillus group in some types of products, as well as other pathogens. Among other things, antibiotics or undeclared DNA were found in some batches.

In the event of further detection of low-quality products, the Ministry threatened to consider the issue of limiting imports of meat and milk produced by these companies.

For several years now, Russia and Belarus have been arguing over the supply of agricultural products, in particular milk, meat, dairy and meat products. The Rosselkhoznadzor periodically prohibits the import of Belarusian products, justifying it with their low quality. Among other things, there is a suspicion that a “sanction” enters Russia through this country.

Two years ago, Alexander Tkachev, who held the post of the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, noted that Belarus earns more than three billion dollars from exporting dairy products to Russia. After the introduction of Moscow pro-bargo Minsk increased the share of deliveries to Russia from one to fifteen percent, becoming the largest transshipment base for the “sanction”.

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