Russian seaports cargo turnover increased by 2.4% in January-April 2019

The cargo turnover of the seaports of the Russian Federation in January-April 2019 increased by 2.4%, to 269.25 million tons. The transshipment volume of dry cargo for the reporting period amounted to 117.37 million tons. Bulk cargo handling increased by 8.4%, to 151.88 million tons.

The growth rate of freight turnover declined throughout the year and in the reporting period reached a minimum value below 4%. Thus, the growth in freight turnover in January was 5.6%, in January-February – 5.4%, in January-March it dropped to 4.7%. In that year, in January-April, the growth in freight turnover averaged 3.5%.

Cargo turnover at the Baltic ports increased by 4.1%, to 85.06 million tons. Cargo turnover at the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin decreased by 10.5% to 79.25 million tons. The decline in dry cargo handling was 27.1% (up to 28.74 million tons).

The ports of the Far Eastern Basin transshipped 68.03 million tons. This exceeds the same period last year by 8.1%. Cargo turnover at the ports of the Arctic basin increased by 23.7%, to 34.67 million tons, due to an increase in the transshipment of liquid cargo by 30.7%. Cargo handling in the Caspian basin amounted to 2.25 million tons.

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