The border of Belarus is again in the standby mode

The longest traffic jams accumulated on the Lithuanian border.

At the Belarusian border, according to the State Border Committee, at 14:00 on May 20, about 960 trucks await departure. The most intense situation develops on the Lithuanian direction. Thus, at the checkpoint “Stone Log” stuck more than 350 trucks. In the “Privalka” and “Benyakoni” idle more than 150 cars, in the “Kotlovka” – more than four dozen.

Departure to Latvia expect more than a hundred trucks. In the “Grigorovshchina” more than 70 trucks stand in the traffic jam, and in the “Urbanakh” more than 60 trucks. About the same amount has accumulated on the Polish border. The queue in more than 70 trucks formed at the checkpoint “Berestovitsa”. In “Kozlovichi” – more than 50 cars. The most free checkpoint – “Bruzgi”. More than twenty cars are expected to leave here. The last time a large “traffic jam” on the borders of the Republic of Belarus with the EU accumulated in March of this year. Then the EU tried to “break through” more than 1360 trucks. Unfortunately, only Polish customs officers warned about the failure of software products and possible complications of Belarusian colleagues.

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