The increase in gasoline prices by 6.7%

According to Rosstat, published on Monday, July 8, the price index for gasoline rose by 6.7% in the first half of this year (compared to the first half of 2018).

Prices in June, compared with may, increased by 0.7%, and if compared with December and June 2018 – by 1.4%, respectively.

There is also an increase in the price index for passenger transport services by 3.1% in June compared to may this year. At the same time, compared to December, the price index increased by 7.4%. In June, the services of passenger transport significantly increased the tariffs for journey in trains of distant following – on 11,6%, flight in salon of economy class of the aircraft by 5.8%.

In General, the consumer price index did not change in June compared to may. And compared to December last year increased by 2.5%.

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