The United States may delay imposing duties on cars

The administration of Donald Trump is likely to postpone the imposition of a duty on the import of cars and components, said US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross.

This is due to Washington’s desire to agree with the European Commission, Mexico and Canada. This development of events gives hope to the participants of the industry.

In May, Donald Trump ordered the relevant department to conduct an investigation to find out whether car imports were a threat to national security. Earlier, under the same pretext, Trump introduced duties on imports of aluminum and steel. In late July, Ross said that the investigation would be completed in August. However, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, the minister said that it is now unclear whether the report will be timely. According to his policy, a possible delay is connected with the negotiations.

Wilbur Ross noted that the study of this issue may be delayed due to materials provided by American and foreign automakers. They oppose the introduction of taxes, which can reach 25%, because they will raise prices for consumers, and the global supply chain may be violated.

“We only received detailed questionnaires from automakers. They contain billions of pages, it will not take long», – Ross said.

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