The Vanino-Kholmsk ferry will continue to accept wagons during a large-scale reconstruction of the Sakhalin railway

The subsequent transportation of goods will be switched to motor transport.

This was announced by Deputy Director General of Russian Railways, Head of the Central Infrastructure Directorate Gennady Verkhovykh. During a working trip to the island, he inspected railway sections on the east and west coasts and reconstructed artificial structures.

In order for the island economy not to experience difficulties due to the shortage of vital foodstuffs, industrial goods and agricultural products, the ferry crossing will continue to work on the transshipment of goods by rail wagons. They will be unloaded in Kholmsk for further delivery by road.

“We are doing the right thing.” A lot of forces, means and time have already been sent to bring Sakhalin in line with the all-Russian track. Therefore, all the alteration work must be completed on time and in good quality, ”said Gennady Verkhovykh.

In June, the main phase of reorganization of the island highway to the all-Russian standard of 1520 mm gauge starts on Sakhalin. This summer, it is planned to reorganize the track to 813 km of the main course. The only section where a 1067 mm-wide gauge remains is the Kholmsk-Shakhty line. This is due to the need to ensure the rhythm and continuity of coal supplies to island energy facilities. With the alteration of this branch, the project of rebuilding the island highway will be completed next year.

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