Trial traffic on the railway part of the Crimean bridge is planned in early September

A trial railway traffic on the Crimean Bridge is planned in August-September, Deputy Seminar of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Mikhail Seleznev said at the 5th Yalta International Economic Forum.

“The first canvas from the sides of Taman and the Crimea was laid across the bridge … I will reveal the secret, in August-September the first test movement of the Crimean bridge will take place in order to regulate all the processes. The launch of the message, as expected, will take place in December, ”Mikhail Seleznev said.

Earlier, the general director of the Crimean Railway, Alexey Gladilin, reported that according to forecasts, passenger traffic by rail to the Crimea next year will amount to 2.6 million passengers per year and by 2025 will increase to 4.1 million passengers per year. According to Alexei Gladilin, trains to the Crimea will also go from Smolensk, Murmansk and Bryansk.

The Crimean Bridge is the longest bridge in Russia and Europe. Previously it was reported that the construction of the railway part of the bridge and the approaches to it are proceeding according to schedule. The highway section of the bridge was opened on May, 15 last year with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin on May, 16 a traffic started on the bridge.


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