Trump intends to impose duties in the amount of $ 200 billion on Chinese goods

The US president intends to introduce additional duties on Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion. Officially, they can announce this next week, Tass reports.

On September 6, the deadline set by the administration for submission by business and public of comments on duties is coming to an end. Immediately after the expiration of this period, Donald Trump intends to introduce these trade restrictions.
The agency does not exclude that the US president can postpone the adoption of these measures later. The imposition of duties can become a serious escalation in the trade war between Washington and Beijing.
Trump has repeatedly stated that he is not satisfied with the lack of trade relations with China. June 15, he announced that in connection with the alleged theft of US intellectual property and technology by China, the United States will impose 25% of imported goods from this country. The authorities of the Middle Kingdom immediately responded with tariffs for imported American products with a similar value.
After that, US representative Robert Lightheiser announced the preparation of an additional list of Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion to introduce tariffs of 10%. He motivated this step by saying that the PRC does not want to change unfair trade practices.

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