Turkmenistan will tighten transit

New rules may come into force in a month

Starting September 1, Turkmenistan plans to tighten the procedure for customs transit of goods.

In particular, to agree on a customs transit procedure, a package of documents will have to be provided. These include information on the name and location of the consignor and consignee, the country of departure and destination, the name and location of the carrier of goods or forwarder, the vehicle and its driver, type or names, quantity, cost of goods, weight and volume, as well as classification codes of goods, freight operations on the way, transportation time and route.

The last time Turkmenistan changed the “customs rules” was January 1, 2017. Then the country introduced a system for determining the geolocation of vehicles using GPS. Navigation devices are used for all vehicles carrying out international transportation of goods through the customs territory of Turkmenistan, as well as carrying out international transportation of vehicles with and without cargo. The cost of using the services of a global positioning system is $ 10 for each vehicle.


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