Ukraine introduces anti-dumping duties on steel cables and ropes from the Russian Federation

The Ukrainian interdepartmental commission on international trade decided to introduce an anti-dumping duty of 50.09% for some steel products from Russia, including cables and ropes, for five years. The decision will come into force on March 26, a corresponding message was published in the government-owned newspaper Uryadovy Courier.

“The final anti-dumping measures are applied for a period of five years by introducing the collection of the final anti-dumping duty at a rate of 50.09%. The final anti-dumping duty is charged as a percentage of the customs value of the goods,” it was informed.

The new duties were introduced on the basis of an anti-dumping investigation and will concern steel wires, cables, ropes without coating or with galvanized coating with the largest cross-sectional dimensions of more than 3 mm.

The Commission concluded that products imported from Russia are similar to those produced by the Ukrainian company Stalkanat-Silur, and there is a fact of “the threat of substantial harm to the national producer”.

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