ULCT has received a license for the handling of goods of class 7 hazard

In accordance with the order of the North-Western Department of state sea and river supervision of the Federal service for supervision of transport “Ust-Luga container terminal” (part of the global Ports group) has received a license to carry out loading and unloading activities in relation to goods of hazard class 7. Thus, ULCT now has permission to handle all classes of dangerous goods (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 classes).

Transshipment of this cargo is associated with the implementation of measures of increased security and strict control over each stage of PRR. The most stringent requirements are put forward for the processing of radioactive cargo, therefore, in order to obtain a license, the Ust-Luga container terminal passed a number of inspections and proved that the technological level and equipment of the terminal, the level of safety, qualification and quality of training of personnel meet the conditions put forward.

To ensure the safety of class 7 cargo transshipment to ULCT, a set of measures was approved in accordance with international and national standards for the technical conditions of loading and unloading. The terminal has developed technological maps for each stage of cargo movement, safety rules and instructions for the prevention of emergency situations.

The movement of goods of hazard class 7 is strictly regulated. Transportation is carried out in heavy-duty protective insulating containers (transport packaging containers (TUKS)), ensuring complete safety during transportation. Delivery to the port is carried out on specially equipped railway platforms, special attention is paid to the laying, placement and fastening of cargo. Handling of class 7 cargo at ULCT will be provided with both technical and organizational measures aimed at creating safe conditions for transshipment.

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