If you want to try your hand at a contest for a new position or among your friends there are suitable candidates that contact the Human Resources Department.

Did not find the right vacancy?

Leave information about yourself for our reserve database.

Work at Baltimpex

If you want to try your hand at the competition for a new appointment or there are suitable candidates among your acquaintances that contact the Human Resources Department. We are happy to advise you on all the issues that arise!

If you have not found a suitable job yet, just send your CV to If you do not have any work experience yet, or if you are a student of the last year, come to our internship.


We are interested in the valuable personnel growing inside our company, so we developed a career ladder.


A trainee is a student or graduate of an educational institution who is ready to actively learn both under the guidance of a mentor and independently and simultaneously perform simple work, gradually increasing the level of complexity.  

The internship at Baltimpex is:

  • Opportunity to get acquainted and try your hand at all logistics and related industries.  
  • Experienced professional mentors
  • Extensive database for research
  • Possibility to take additional trainings and seminars from the group’s training center.  
  • Real employment opportunity

Probable period of the internship is from 2 weeks to 3 months, at least 4 hours a day.


Beginner is an employee who has six months of work experience, ready to work independently in the company at the starting position of a specialist after undergoing the introduction procedure.  At this stage there is an active familiarization and adoption of the corporate culture and technology of the company.

  • Term – up to six months.  
  • Payment – full payment according to the staff schedule for the position (salary and bonus part after taking office).  
  • Specialties – according to open vacancies.

An employee who has an experience of working in a company for six months, successfully passed the probationary period, showing consistently good results by position (on the basis of regular evaluation of effectiveness) and / or passed certification (subject to availability).  

  • Deadline – not earlier than the sixth month of work.  
  • Payment – full payment according to the staff schedule for the position (salary and bonus part).  Additional motivation according to the company’s benefits package.
  • Specialties – transition from the “beginner” stage only according to the current specialization.

Employee who has experience in the position of the company from year to year, showing consistently good results by position (on the basis of regular performance evaluation) and / or passed certification (if possible by position).  

  • Deadline – not earlier than one year of work.  
  • Payment – full payment according to the staff schedule for the position (salary and bonus part), additional payment for the length of service. Additional motivation according to the benefits package of the company, participation in the mentoring program, the possibility of enlistment in the personnel reserve for the head or position of the adjacent specialty.  
  • Specialties – transition from the “specialist” level only according to the current specialization.

In the top positions in the priority are considered employees of the internal staff reserve, external candidates are considered only after the reserve is depleted.  

  • Term – an internship in a managerial position may take up to six months (according to the approved internship plan).  
  • Payment – according to the staffing table for the managerial position, the bonus part is accrued only after the completion of the internship.
  • Specialties – the transition from the “professional” level is possible both within the current project and other projects.
iInstruction of the passage of the ladder
  • You can go through all the stages in turn, coming to us for an internship or you can step on any level, after interviewing for an open job and to continue moving forward.  
  • You can apply for any position opened in the company (the requirements for the candidate, the order of selection or transfer to the reserve you will be told in the department for work with personnel).  
  • You can work with the Human Resources Department to develop your individual career development plan and get help in implementing it.  
  • After the expiry of the minimum period of work at a certain stage, you can apply to the Human Resources Department, pass attestations and move to higher levels.  
  • The company has developed a package of benefits for employees, the completeness of which depends on the level taken.  The more you work to achieve a common goal – the more bonuses you get!


At Baltimpex, employees are included in the HR cycle.  This involves regular evaluation of the results of work and corporate competencies, the creation of an individual development plan, the implementation of the plan through internal and external training, internships.

Employees of the company “Baltimpex” devote a large amount of time to self-development and self-improvement in their professional skills.  For this purpose we created a unique corporate library, in which more than 1000 books of classics and trend authors of business literature were collected.  Using the library is completely free. If there is no book you need, you can always order it.

For new employees, lists of recommended literature have been compiled.

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