Warehouse services with Baltimpex are an opportunity to choose the right variant of cooperation for the whole world:

  • Warehouse selection according to the Terms of Reference;  
  • Responsible storage;  
  • 3PL;  
  • 4PL;  
  • Warm warehouse;  
  • Cold storage;  
  • Short-term storage from 1 day;  
  • Long-term storage of up to 2 years.  

Additional services for warehouse logistics:

  • Retargeting cargo through the warehouse;  
  • Sampling for examinations;  
  • Handling;  
  • Cross-docking mode;  
  • Completion of orders;  
  • Packing, marking, re-sorting, repacking and much more.

Baltimpex works with such goods as:

– Perishable: fruits / vegetables / food;  

– Chemistry: not dangerous / dangerous / especially dangerous;  

– Bulk cargo;  

– Non-food products;  

– Appliances;  

– Food ingredients;  

– Spec. Equipment.  

With Baltimpex you can be sure of the safety of your cargo.  

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